Friday, June 30, 2006

Orangina Has Begun

I cast on for Orangina last night. Well, really on Wednesday night, but I found that I am not a fan of using circular needles to knit flat objects. When I get to the ribbing on this piece, the circulars will not be a problem, but for some reason I prefer straight needles for the lace part of this. So, I had go get a pair of size 3 straights yesterday and cast on. I knit 12 rows.

I managed to screw up the lacing twice. And, I only did 6 lace rows. Maybe I should try stitch markers.

Toby helped (by looking cute).

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Progress Report

Here's a progress report on my current projects. Now that I finally have a digital camera that works and takes good pics, I can update.

Over 50% Complete:

This is the front, sides and back of the Pea Pod Baby Set Cardi for nephew #3, who is expected to arrive on my brother's birthday, August 6. It's 100% merino, so I knit it for a 6 month old, hoping he'll enjoy it when it's cold here in January. Well, HE may not enjoy it, but I know I will enjoy seeing him in it, and maybe so will Lawyer-Pants (my hubby), nephew's parents and Lawyer-Pants' mom.

Close up of the lace-leaf.

About 50% Complete:
Lelah-Penny top. See yesterday's post. I finished the sleeve and am now working only on the body.

Under 50% Complete:

This is the Lion Brand Incredible yarn racerback top. I'm not hugely excited about it, and only picked it because I have never knit with ribbon-type yarns. Hopefully I'll finish it before the summer's over. The colors are vibrant and fun.

0% complete:

Yarn stash for yet-to-be-started projects. The GGH Savanna in Raspberry is for a cabled turtleneck, and the Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Meadow (yummy yummy yarn) in for the Grannie Smith Cardi. I probably won't start either of these until August so they will be done when it starts to cool down here. I also have some Peruvian Uros Aran yarn in light orchid, not pictured, that might become a Forecast for my mom.

The Knit Pick's Shine Sport in Orchid is for Orangina. My needles arrived yesterday, so I am swatching for this TONIGHT. The Connemara in Cashmere Blue is for the Prosperous Plum Tank. This pattern only comes in one size (28"), which is a little teeny for me, so I will have to adjust it first. That might not even get started this summer, we'll see.

Best Knitted FO EVER!!

This finished product was a long, frustrating process. But, every row I frogged was completely worth it. I would get half-way up the front and realize I had an eyelet in the wrong spot and would have to start back to where it was, after a total of 6 frogging events, the finished product is beautiful and I love it!
The tank was inspired by Vintage Knits' Lace Camisole. I wanted something work-appropriate, so I used a general v-neck pattern and incorporated the stitch pattern and ribbon trim. It's great. Then, I had about 1 1/2 balls of the Tahki Cotton Classic left, so I knit a One Skein Wonder to top it off!

Here is the tank alone.

Here's a view of the back with the OSW on.

OK, one more pose!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Spreading the knit love

Today at work, I taught Alisa (bottom) and Cindy (top) how to knit. They both picked it up very quickly. I love spreading the joy of knitting and can't wait to see their creations!

In other news, I am making progress on my Lelah-Penny top. I am using the basic pattern from glampyre's Bad Penny Top for the top-down raglan and am going to add a row for an i-cord just under the bust and then follow the lace pattern from the Lelah top.

This was the only way I could come up with making the Lelah top work-appropriate with little cap sleeves. It's an experiment, but I LOVE the color and the way the yarn is knitting.
I'm using's Sonata cotton in Light Turquoise. Yum!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Brilla Tank Top

OK, since I just started this blog thing (well, almost 3 months ago!) I am going to try and post my FOs from when I started knitting 3 1/2 years ago. Of course, only the good ones will be posted. No one wants to see the fugly sweaters or scarves!

Here is a winner from last summer. The pattern was something I created using a basic tank template for the gauge with the stitch pattern from Vintage Knits' Silk Ribbed Camisole, except the bottom is done in good ol' stockinette instead of ribbed. I used Filatura di Crosa Brilla Mauve for the body and Violet for the edges.