Friday, May 23, 2008

FO: Leafy Lacy Cardi

A nice start to the long holiday weekend - an FO!
Leafy Lace Cardi
Yarn: Rowan Cotton Glace, color 809, 8 1/2 balls. Bought on sale while on vacation in Los Angeles for $30/bag.
Leafy Lace Cardi
Pattern: Leafy Lace Cardigan by Susan.
Leafy Lace Cardi
Modifications: I made the ribbing longer and knit the body until it was 13.5" inches long. I also did the eyelet row a little differently. Instead of working the garter ridges, I just did a simple k2tog, yo row. I also made the sleeves a little bit shorter so I can wear it in the summer.
Leafy Lacy Cardi
I have to say, I'm really pleased with how this turned out. Susan wrote a wonderful pattern that was easy to follow and perfect for this yarn. Lacy knits are the perfect summer knitting for me. They are tolerable in the heat and can have really nice results. So look for some more lacy knits from me this summer!
Leafy Lace Cardi
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

MD Sheep & Wool Report

I've started a new project with some Rowan Summer Tweed I picked up 50% off at Maryland Sheep & Wool. It's the Cloud Bolero, and it's knitting up very fast!

I really like the color and texture of the Summer Tweed, although it's not the easiest to knit with. It sticks to the needles a bit.

I also picked up some Cashmerino Chunky 50% off:

and some Brooks Farms Solo:

I stopped into the Brooks Farms tent on my way out of the festival, and I spotted frecklegirl Jess, aka Mama Ravelry. I felt like I was a fan approaching a celebrity, but I had to say hello and thank her for creating Ravelry. I did have my camera, but I felt like a nerd asking for a picture, so I didn't. After seeing how much fun everyone had at MDS&W, I think I'll have to participate in the Ravelry events next year. It would be fun to meet everyone!

When I bought my yarn and found my group - Bill, my knitter friend Elizabeth and her husband and kids - they could not believe I had met Jess. Of course the husbands know about Ravelry, and even they thought it was totally cool!

Besides buying yarn, I've also added to my stash in the form of frogging. I had knit a sweater a few years ago using Colinette Skye. It's great yarn and beautifully dyed, but I just never wore it. I've got close to 1000 yards here and no idea what to do with it. For now, it's just going to sit on my Ravelry trade page!

PS. Leafy Lacy is finished and fabulous! FO post coming soon.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Post #101: The Winners

Thanks to all for entering my 100th post contest. It was nice to see some new names in the comments! Sorry I didn't personally respond to you all this time - there were just too many.

Here are our big winners (to whom I've already sent emails):

1000 Sweaters Book: Tanya of Turtles Lake Knitting
Rowan Treasury Book: Jackie (non-blogger)
Knitted Scarves... Book: Christy of Having a Hissyknit
Gedifra Topas: Andi of Wound Too Tight
Lion Brand Incredible: Heatherly of Yarn Yenta

I went to MD Sheep & Wool yesterday and got some goodies. I'll show you that and some knitting progress soon; there were two big set backs last week - one with the Leafy Lacy Cardi and the other with the Seamless Hybrid. The Leafy Lacy Cardi is back on track, but the Seamless Hybrid had to be completely frogged!