Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coming Clean

Some of you may have noticed my diminished productivity over the past few months. No big winter sweaters or other knitting projects. I'm finally coming clean! I actually started a new WIP back in November and it got the best of me for a while.

This is from early February at 13 weeks. I am now almost 18 weeks and due in August! Bill and I are thrilled. It's been a great journey so far. From December through most of January, I barely knit a stitch. I was unmotivated and just exhausted most nights after work. My energy has been back for about a month and I've been working on some new things.

With the spring weather teases, I've put all winter projects into hibernation and started my likely last me-sized sweater for a while: Lush & Lacy. I loved how Veronique's version looked on her adorable preggo body and thought it would be a great little sweater for spring around here. I am using some Ella Rae Silkience from my stash.

I've finished the back and done a few inches of the left front. My goal is to finish this by Easter.

I've also started my first baby project: Elijah. I got the yarn for this pattern a long time ago, knowing that I would knit one for someone's baby eventually. I'm using Di Ve Zenith, which is a soft, washable yarn.

Elijah still needs another arm, leg and a pair of ears, but he's pretty cute already!

I've also started some baby-related sewing projects. Springtime always gets me into sewing mode with all the fresh, happy fabrics. I bought a copy of Amy Butler's Little Stitches and have decided to make two projects to start.

The "Everything Bag", which I plan to use as a diaper bag/carryall. I'm using her Morning Glory print from the Lotus line for the exterior.

Here's my progress so far. I've completed one inside lining piece and attached it to the inside divider.

The other project I plan to make is this little crib quilt. I have a mix of Amy Butler prints and a few prints from Joann's. We don't plan on finding out the baby's sex, but these colors are my inspiration for the nursery (I've read babies sleep better in blue or green rooms). Happy almost-Springtime!