Thursday, September 14, 2006

A make-up gift and a little quickie

I got a very nice surprise this week. It's kinda a long story, involving a Christmas gift from my husband Bill that didn't materialize and a crappy 2nd anniversary gift last year. Going back to October 2005 (we got married in 2003), if you didn't know, the traditional gift for a 2nd wedding anniversary is cotton. I normally follow tradition, but these categories are so difficult to work with. I mean, come on, paper for year 1? Does that mean only a card because you're still poor from paying off your honeymoon? Anyway, I really wanted to get Bill an iPod nano. So, he got his fancy iPod nano and I got cotton. Socks. With dogs on them. I got over it though, since we had sort of agreed not to really go all-out for anniversaries. I guess I forgot about that.

Christmas came 2 months later. My sole gift from Bill was an envelope containing a 'voucher' for acupuncture. I have back problems and he thought this would be a good gift. The voucher itself was cute - he made it and took pins from my sewing kit and stuck them in it. His mom even contributed $200 towards my gift. As it turned out, I started acupuncture and my health insurance covered it at 80%. To this day, I have yet to fork out the $200 his mom gave me in co-pays. This means that Bill's gift didn't really materialize. He didn't seem to notice.

Back to now: It's September. Our 3rd wedding anniversary is next month. For the past few months, I've been borrowing my parents' camera since our digital is WAY old and outdated. The batteries can barely keep it charged for an hour. Well, my parents just left for a trip to Germany and took their camera, rightfully so. We are going a friend's wedding on Saturday and I am left camera-less. Much to my delight, I came home this week to find a brand new Canon SD600 digital elph hiding under my Arisaig WIP bag in my yarn basket.

I asked: is this was an early anniversary gift?
Bill replied: no, it's to make up for Christmas and our anniversary last year.

What a fabulous husband. The camera didn't come with a protective case, so I quickly got to work on a case for it. I had 1 ball of Noro Blossom I had purchased a long time ago because it was so pretty. This was perfect for it.

I just knit in seed stitch until I had enough to fold up with a flap, sewed up the sides and attached a small loop for a button.

Then I tossed it in the washer to felt. It's so cute and I love it because it was a quickie-knit (took about an hour while watching 'House' on Tuesday night) and it's for my awesome make-up gift.


  1. very cute! And a great make-up gift- what a thoughtful guy.

  2. What a cute case! Congrats on the new camera too.

  3. Awwww - that was really sweet of your husband! Aren't surprises great?

    You should definitely try the dyeing thing - it really is fun, and the made-it-myself thing is a cool plus.


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