Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Daydream Finished

I got pictures today from my friend Katie, who is 32 weeks pregnant. She's looking VERY pregnant, so it's a good thing I accelerated on Daydream over the weekend. It's finished!

The Details.
Pattern: Daydream from Rowan Babies
Yarn: TLC Baby. I didn't love this yarn. It's great for baby knits because it's washable, but it was kinda of splitty and strands stuck together a bit. Next time I might use a cotton blend.
Modifications: I knit the back and front together up to the armholes. But, next time I will knit this from the top down to avoid some sewing and make it look more polished.
Verdict: Great - I hope Katie's little girl will get some nice spring-time wear out of it.

If you subscribe, have you received your Vogue Knits Holiday issue? I've been dying to read it, but mine hasn't arrived in the mail yet. We often get mis-delivered mail at my house, but I don't know if subscribers just get theirs later than stores do. I can't remember when my Fall issue arrived relative to the issue date. Thanks!


  1. Very pretty! I like the color. I bought my Vogue Holiday at the store because I let my subscription lapse--hope you get yours soon, it has some nice stuff!

  2. That is adorable. Your friend will love it. great gift and great job.

  3. So cute! I bet your friend will love it. I can't wait until my friends start having babies - I always thought that knitting tiny clothes must be so satisfying because they go so fast.

  4. Anonymous3:09 PM

    love it - if you really want something exceptional for your friend Katie, then check out the new kokobino.com website - seriously cute and gorgeous


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