Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: A Year in Review

It's been a good knitting year for me, and I'd like to squeeze into the final 7 hours of 2007 a look back at what knitting I got accomplished.

9 Sweaters
3 Short sleeve sweaters
1 Sleeveless sweater
2 Baby bootees
2 Baby Sweaters
1 Shrug
2 Hats
5 Scarves
1 Fingerless gloves

The biggest loser of 2007 was definitely Rusted Root, with its droopy body and nubbin':

Most of my other knits were definitely winners, with first place definitely going to Juno, for its wearability, design and non-handknit look:

A close second is Something Blushy, because it was a fun knit with modifications that worked.

At the beginning of 2007, I made some knitting new year resolutions. Did I stick with them? Well, let's see. Here's the list:

1) Give double pointed needles a fair chance. They aren't so bad....right? Maybe I'll make a pair of Fetching and see for sure.

2) Knit something with intarsia

3) Then step it up a notch and knit something in fair isle

4) Instead of being on a yarn diet, allow myself to buy and stash yarn. I am generally a stash-phobic, so this is a good one for me.

I did pretty well - I nailed #1 and #4. Never got to the fair isle or intarsia, so I will make an effort to cast on for something with some simple colorwork this year.

I am glad to report that the knitting mojo is on its way back. I've been in quite a knit funk lately. I hadn't even updated my Ravelry account in almost a month! Things are winding down at the house and I go back to work on Wednesday. Before I go, I do want to show you some jewelry making I've been doing. I tried a new technique recently: hammering. It's fun and you can create some pretty things with heavier wire and a mallet!

Fresh water pearls on sterling silver

Crystals, amethyst and iolite drop earrings

Turquoise, crystals and pearls on a sterling silver rectangle

Bill & I are having a quiet New Year's Eve at home. I'm making an apple pie and seafood scampi for dinner. Knitting will happen, too. Happy 2008! See you next year.


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