Monday, March 10, 2008

Sewing, A Meme and A Plea

I've been plugging away at my Cape Collar Jacket. I've got the back, both sleeves, and most of both fronts done. My goal is to have it completed by next Friday. I hope I can make it! Vogue hasn't responded to my message about the errors in the pattern, so I may need to improvise. But, I've also been feeling spring fever and have been doing some sewing. Last weekend I made this, using a combination of several sewing tutorials:

It's a wristlet that can hold the essentials - cell phone, keys, credit card and sunglasses. The fabric is leftover from the needle cases I made a while ago. Instead of a strap for the wrist, I found these big rings at Joann's and used one of them instead.

I've got some other sewing projects up my sleeve, but I'll share those later. In the meantime, Claudia has tagged me for a meme. I am supposed to share six quirks/habits/things about myself. Here goes!

1) I am a TV series addict. I faithfully watch lots of shows (Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, 24, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Men in Trees, Numb3rs (yes, I'm a dork), House, American Idol, The Closer...)

2) I don't like my food to touch. I've never owned one of those plates that has sections for each side dish, but I should.

3) I am obsessed with getting 8 hours of sleep at night. I've never been a night-owl and was always the first girl to fall asleep at a sleep-over.

4) I hate bugs, especially crickets. They scare me, even though I know they are harmless.

5) I had my tonsils out when I was 17. My doctor said they were some of the most infected tonsils he had ever seen.

6) I hate basements. I always run up the stairs when I leave one, and I'm glad my house doesn't have one!

Anyone who would like to do this, please do! It's fun to learn some new things about bloggers.

Onto knitting . . .

Lately I've felt like I've been in a knitting funk. I haven't been motivated to start projects that are in my queue, and I've been having mixed feelings on spring and summer knits. Usually by the time warm weather arrives, it gets too hot to wear a knitted garment, or even if it's not too hot, the humidity makes a handknit unbearable. With that in mind, I have plans to make just a few warm weather items this year. The first is the Flutter Sleeve cardigan from Interweave. The pattern calls for Classic Elite Classic Silk, which I happen to have in my stash! But, I only have 5 balls, and the pattern calls for 7. Anyone have some Classic Silk in Paris Green (color 6935) and dyelot 30 that they aren't going to use? After my dyelot challenge with Bea, I am hesitant to mix dyelots again. I've checked Ravelry and some online sellers, but no luck. Thanks in advance!


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