Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer Vacay in Maine: Yarn

Bill and I just returned last night from our trip to Maine. We had a wonderful time! I will post some pictures and show you what we did in my next post, but I couldn't wait to fill you in with the yarn-related parts of our trip. I did only visit 2 stores while away, but they were goodies.

First was Heavenly Socks in Belfast, Maine.

It was an unexpected but cute little store that we happened to park in front of. We chatted with the owner and learned a lot about the area and I walked away with 2 skeins of Manos del Uruguay 100% wool. The colors are beautiful and I have a My So-Called Scarf in mind.

We spent the last 2 nights of vacation in Boston with a friend and although it was about an hour of of the way, Bill happily agreed to hit WEBS on the way back to Baltimore.

Aacck! I'm at WEBS!!!

I had in mind what I wanted to get, and luckily they had everything in stock! I got me some Rowan Felted Tweed (no project in mind yet) and 14 beautiful, soft skeins of Blue Sky Melange for the Ribbon Trimmed Cardigan.

The store is amazing and everything you'd expect it to be. It looks like a regular yarn store at first but then there is this entrance in the back to a huge warehouse with aisles and aisles and boxes and stacks and rows of yarn. They must also hide more yarn in another back section because an employee had to dig out the 14 skeins of Melange for me from the back (don't always believe their web site inventories, I suppose. It said they only had 11 and she said they had 30).

We had a wonderful time and I have spent today doing laundry, grocery shopping and re-organizing my yarn stash - and winding the Manos and Blue Sky....can't wait to dive into the fall knits. I did make a good dent in my WIPs while away and will update you on all that soon. But next in a day or so is a post on our trip itself - we saw some beautiful sites and ate lots of lobster!


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