Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FO: Amy Butler Everything Bag & Elijah

Hello! I know my blogging is spacing further apart, but I am crafting. Here's proof:
Amy Butler Everything Bag
Pattern: Amy Butler Everything Bag from Little Stitches
Fabric: Morning Glory from her Lotus Line
I also made the changing pad from Little Stitches to go with the bag. I think I plan on using this as a diaper bag, though it doesn't have any waterproof linings. I guess that's what zip locks are for?
Amy Butler Everything Bag w/ Changing Pad
All in all, this pattern wasn't too bad. The cutting and interfacing attachment took the longest. The actual sewing part was (partly) a breeze. I had a tricky time attaching the lining bottom to the divider panel, and I re-did the top stitching a few times, but all in all, it was worth taking my time on this one. I'd say I spent 15 hours or so putting this together.
Mods: I made the straps a little longer and spaced them further apart than the pattern says. I tried it on a few times while pinned to make sure it sat over my shoulder the way I wanted. Also, there is a HUGE error in the interfacing instructions. I contacted someone at Amy Butler and they confirmed the error and said they would send me two free patterns for pointing it out. Whoo hoo! (Well, I should say that was over a month ago and I still don't have my free patterns . . . )
Changing Pad
Here's a full view of the changing pad.

I also finished Elijah, my first baby knit.
I didn't love knitting with the double pointed needles, but the construction of this little guy was so brilliant. I feel like all knitted toys should be made this way!

I've also almost finished my version of the Pea Pod Baby Sweater. The pattern is no longer available online, so I used a free top-down sweater generator (there are several available on Ravelry) to make the basic shape and pulled out my copy of Rusted Root for the lace pattern (I think they're the same, or they at least look it!). I used some old Debbie Bliss Merino DK in a color that I hope suits either a boy or girl - we don't know what we're having. I think I'll pick out buttons after the little one arrives in August.

Other plans now include finishing Lush & Lacy and starting a few other baby items. I've also started a crib quilt, which I hope to get assembled soon so we can use it to help pick out a paint color for the nursery. I'm at 24 weeks now - only 16 to go!


  1. a friend and i are about to take on making this diaper bag and we were wondering what the error is on the interfacing. thanks.

  2. Hi. Your bag came out beautiful! I was just wondering what the error in the instructions were on this (if you can remember). I am just starting to make this bag from the book and I came across your post.


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