Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FO: Allure

Holy moly, knitters, I finished this lovely knit back in APRIL and am now just getting around to taking photos.  Oops.  Well, Allure sat in my dresser all summer and now that it's finally cool enough to wear it, I thought it time to blog it.
Pattern:  Allure, by Kim Hargreaves [Ravelry Link]
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze, color Bebe (#586), 4.25 skeins 
I love this sweater.  Ever since I learned how to knit, I wanted to make a soft, lofty, pretty, lacey, mohair-y sweater.  I tried working with Kidsilk Haze back in 2006 but failed miserably.  I wasn't until I learned how to "read" my knitting that I was able to tackle this project (and churning out some other lace projects helped, too).
Playing ring-around-the-rosie
I didn't make any modifications to the sweater, except that I knit a size in between the given XS/S and S/M.  This was easy to do, just followed stitch counts in between the two sizes and shaping instructions for the smaller size.  I did have to work the cowl neck end twice - casting off VERY loosely should be emphasized more as my head didn't fit through the first time.

Meanwhile, more babies are appearing.  Good friends recently welcomed little Sophia Rose, so I got down to business.
Pattern:  Little coffee bean cardigan, made with longer sleeves.  [Ravelry Link]
Yarn: About 1 skein each of stash yarn(!): Rowan handknit cotton for the 2 pinks and Berroco Touche for the purple.  Perfectly matching buttons found at Joann's.
 Hooray for fall knits!


  1. That sweater is gorgeous!

  2. Great job on the cowl sweater. It looks like yummy fuzzy goodness! lol.

  3. Allure is just that alluring. It is quite pretty on you.

    And love the stripy baby cardi. So cute! As is the baby.

  4. I recognize that yarn! Nice job!

  5. It's beautiful! Love it with the belt and skirt too.

  6. Gorgeous Amanda! And I love how you styled it with the belt and the boots!

  7. It's just beautiful on you! Good to know that's a straight forward knit ;) Enjoy ~ and I love the baby sweater too ~ you found adorable buttons.

  8. Pretty sweater! I just love fall for that reason, sweaters!!!! :-)

  9. Beautiful job! It seems like it would be so difficult to knit a whole lace sweater in kidsilk haze, but your sweater looks perfect!

  10. Bardzo ładny ostatni sweterek, poprzednie również. pozdrawiam:)


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