Monday, August 11, 2008

FO: Clover Lace Cardigan

Here is my finished Clover Lace Cardigan:
Pattern: My own, heavily adapted from the Leafy Lace Cardi. I posted all of the details about how I made this on my Ravelry page.
Yarn: 7 1/2 balls of Rowan Cotton Glace in Candy Floss. 8 buttons and ribbon from Joann's.
Comments: I created this pattern assuming that my gauge would be relatively similar to the gauge I got for the Leafy Lace Cardi. Wrong! After starting the clover lace pattern, my gauge was much looser, so I ended up incorporating a lot of decreases for waist shaping. The change in gauge between ribbing and lace causes a slight "poof" effect at the waist, which is why I am not sure whether I prefer this cardigan with the ribbon at the waist or not.

The above photo and these are with the ribbon:

And here we are without the ribbon:

I feel that I can pull the sweater down for a leaner look without the ribbon, but I really do like the effect the ribbon gives at the waist. Comments? Preferences? I have blocked it but am thinking that I could block the ribbing out even more to help alleviate the poof factor at the waist. As I look at these photos, the poof factor doesn't seem that bad anymore, actually.

Anyway, this was a fun knit, but I am really anxious to get back to wools. The Red Lace Top is almost finished - my last cotton project! I chose not to formally compete in the Ravelympics this year because we are leaving for vacation this weekend and I didn't want to feel compelled to knit too much. If I had competed, I would probably have entered the WIP Wrestling, as I plan to dig up two projects that have been hibernating for quite a while and take only those with me on vacation.

We are going to Maine, by the way. Staying in Bar Harbor and Camden. Suggestions from anyone who's been there on what to see/where to eat? We plan to hike through Acadia while in Bar Harbor but have no other concrete plans.


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