Monday, July 17, 2006

False Alarm

Over the weekend, my sister-in-law started to feel labor pains (she's due August 6 but is expected to deliver any day), so I scrambled to get the Pea Pod Baby Set complete.

It is SO adorable and the detailing on the lace-leaf came out better than I expected. The color looks dark in the picture - it is more of an olivey-piney green. I cheated on the hat (didn't do the lace-leaf), but I added a pom-pom to make up for it. Turns out, the labor was a false alarm. But, it's wrapped and waiting for baby's arrival.
I also wanted to add a personal touch by creating a label for the sweater. I read on about how you can buy iron-on printer paper and make labels by ironing the paper cut outs to ribbon. I went to Joann fabrics and found something even better - inkjet printer fabric paper. I made my label and pasted a bunch onto a page in Word. Then, I printed to the fabric paper, ironed it, washed it, re-ironed it and voila!! The label can be sewn right onto the garment:

Fabric paper, after printing the labels out.

A label cut out and sewn to the Pea Pod sweater. So cute!


  1. Too cute, and the labels are great. Thanks for commenting on my blog - (I love feedback!) the fiery bolero has actually been started. Hope all goes well for your sil.

  2. Beautiful sweater! And beautiful labels too!


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