Monday, July 24, 2006

Finished: Lelah-Penny Top!

I've finished my version of the Lelah Top. I wanted little sleeves on it, so I followed glampyre's instructions for Bad Penny up until I knit over the bust and then worked Lelah backwards. This was pretty easy, since all I had to do was interchange rows 1 and 6 of the lace pattern. It was fun to knit and my first top-down raglan knit. I am definitely doing something like this again. I love that there's no seaming!! I've worn it twice so far and it needs a washing. The yarn is from elann and was super affordable ($1.98 per ball, used 6 balls), but I am nervous about how it will hold up. I know I will wear this A LOT because I wore it to work on Friday and it was the first thing I wore that co-workers (some of whom are fellow knitters) did not know/ask if I had knit it. That's the best - it looked store-bought and not handmade. Whoo hoo!

Love the waist-defining i-cord.

A view from the back.

Close up of the lace detail and waist shape.

Now, I am making progress on Orangina and the Lion brand t-strap top. I'd like to get those in the home stretch before starting something new. Difficult, I know!


  1. Great idea- Lelah is great, but I don't do tube tops, so that make it perfect. May have to steal your idea...

  2. Hi Amanda! First of all I just wanted to say that top is adorable. :) Second, for the Prosperous Plum tank, you'll probably want to knit a much smaller size than you'd expect to. The finished widths given are assuming you use a stretchy yarn that will pull in a lot at the cables - with an inelastic yarn, the cable sections will be much wider so the given width is probably not that accurate. I know it sounds backwards, but trust me, smaller is better! :) As an example, one of my test knitters used KP Shine worsted for hers, and she needed 7" of negative ease - you can see a picture here. You might actually be better off knitting the smallest size, for a 34" bust, with a cotton yarn.

  3. i love your take on the lelah top. it's definitely more practical than the original, and very cute to boot.


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