Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Orangina is finished!

With the end of summer approaching, I've finished another summer top in time to wear. I figure I've got through September to sport the sleeveless items, so with about 6 weeks of wear time left, Orangina is finished!!
Front and center.

A shot from the side. I like having the armholes larger and more comfortable since I need to wear a cami underneath.

The details.
Yarn: Elann Sonata 100% mercerized cotton in Victorian Grape. It's a little darker than it appears in the photos.
Modifications. A few. I knit the smallest size and did the lace pattern for about 12 1/2" instead of 14". I wanted the change from the lace to ribbing to emphasize my waist more and not my hips. So, I had to knit the ribbing longer. I have a little longer torso, so I knit the ribbing for 7" instead of the 4" called for.
Verdict. I love it. This pattern has looked great on everyone I've seen knit it in blogland, so I am glad I am not an exception!

In other knitting news, I am already planning my Christmas knitting. Scary. It seems every year there is a new nephew/niece and since we all exchange gifts (Bill & I have tried to stop this, but there's no stopping presents when it comes to his family. Last year we just got gifts for the kids, but the adults bought for us anyway. ). I just placed a big order at Knitpicks for the Swish superwash in about 10 different colors. I plan to make the hats featured in Last Minute Knitted Gifts for about 5 adults (including 1 for me!) and 4 children. That's a lot of hats. I will definitely post a photo of the colors when they arrive.

A friend (Katie Z, if you are reading this, STOP HERE!), is having a baby girl in December, and I've finally picked something out to knit for her.

Daydream from Rowan Babies.

And, to coordinate with it, Miss Dashwood from knitty.

I'm using TLC Baby yarn in a soft lilac. Katie lives in Minnesota now, so this should be cute on baby girl come Easter time.


  1. Oh Miss Dashwood is absolutely adorable. Your orangina also turned out great. Enjoy wearing it!

    Thanks for your compliment on my Cherry. Happy Knitting!

  2. great job on orangina! i still haven't gotten a round to knitting that one. and i applaud you for starting your holiday knitting. i'm still on summer tops ...


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