Monday, December 18, 2006

It's hard to feel Christmas-y when

It's 74 freaking degrees when the normal temperature is in the high 40s. I baked some snowmen and Christmas tree cookies over the weekend while it was 65 degrees in the hopes of feeling more Christmas-y. I'm listening to Christmas music at work. I wrapped presents and put them under the tree.


All I want for Chistmas is a cold front....


  1. ummm...i think someone has pulled the ol-switcheroo on us here. it's been in the 50s here, and at night it is like 40 degrees. i have to postpone my morning runs until mid-day so i don't freeze to death. what can i barter with you in exchange for our weather back?

  2. Uh oh! Be careful what you wish for!!! Here in the Pacific Northwest we are reeling from ice, snow, wind, rain - you name it. You can have any cold fronts that come our way!! With my blessings.

  3. You live in Towson? I grew up in Ruxton (the neighborhood right across from GBMC- my parents just sold the house and are moving to Mays Chapel). You guys are getting the same weather as us. I guess I shouldn't be sad we aren't visiting this Xmas- won't be any different! Enjoy it, I'm sure it won't last.

  4. I always look forward to visiting my family in IL since it really never feels like Christmas here in TX. Hope you get some cooler weather soon!


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