Friday, December 29, 2006


I decided to take the week between Christmas and New Years off from work this year. I've never done it before, and it's been a great week so far. I had some back-burnered projects that I wanted to finish, like some scrapbooking and a few home improvement things, but so far all I've done is slept in, knit, shopped and ate (not in that order, necessarily).

Wednesday I had what I'd like to call a block-a-thon. I finished knitting Forecast and she was ready for a good blocking. I've never worked with a yarn this squishy before, nor one that bled so much! I ended up not working on it if I knew I would be leaving the house later because the yarn left my hands purple and it took work to get it off.

So in the kitchen sink she went:

I added some vinegar in hopes of setting the dye. The water didn't turn too purple, just a little, and since I didn't want it to smell, I rinsed it out and re-dunked it with some Woolite.


The suds made it bleed. big. time. Without agitating, I pressed the suds through and rinsed again. Then, I rinsed it with more vinegar again. So it wouldn't smell (again), I rinsed it with a little fabric softener.

That makes 4 rinsings total.

And, here she lies:

Just need to add buttons and sew in a few loose ends. Phew!!


  1. ms.dok7:55 PM

    That is going to be sooo cute! I have got to knit one! They all keep coming out so cute!

  2. That sweater is spectacular. I LOVE it. You should be so proud.

  3. Forecast is awesome, spectacular, absolutely to die for. I must knit one for my daughter.

  4. Man, doesn't that just freak you out? I am always afraid when I wash/rinse things they are just going to fall apart.

    Good job! Can't wait to see it done!

  5. kimberly2:37 AM

    oh pretty!! I can't wait to see it on you.

  6. That was me in the last comment-kimberly

  7. Looks great! Can't wait to see it all finished.


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