Monday, January 08, 2007

Forecast Finished

May I present the first FO of the new year: Forecast!

Toby gives a high five - good job, Mom!

Stef Japel's Forecast from knitty

Yarn: Cascade 220 Tweed in Dark Purple (color 610, I think). A little less than 4 skeins.

Modifications: The popular ones from the KAL. 3 stitch bobbles instead of 5, starting the ribbing at the elbow and just under the bust. Made it a little longer overall and calculated for a 34" size, between the 32" and 36". And I only added 9 buttons instead of 10, only because there were only 9 buttons left at the store when I bought them.

Verdict: I really like this one, even more than Arisaig. I feel like it's a flattering fit and texturally interesting. The yarn is soft, and I feel like this is one I can wear with jeans or nicer pants, too. The only thing I didn't like was the yarn bleeding on my hands while knitting it and that it's started to pill on me already under the arms and sides :(

What I learned: I had never made bobbles before. They were fun.

Would I knit this again? I'm not one for re-using a pattern when there are so many fabulous ones I haven't done yet, but I would certainly consider this as a gift for someone.


  1. I like your mods - especially the longer rib. It updates the look somehow from the original pattern, which comes off a bit old-fashioned.

    I've never used Cascade 220, but it seems to be the equivalent of Paton's Classic, which I use all the time. Classic is also a bit pilly - it's an inexpensive wool, so I guess you get what you pay for. I knit Rogue out of it for my sister and she says it has pilled like crazy.

    Good job!

  2. You Forecast is fantastic! I will be knitting my second one soon, as a gift for my mom.

  3. kimberly2:10 PM

    Oooh that is sooo pretty and looks fabulous on you!! Can I have your body, although if we make a swap you wouldn't be too happy. ;)
    Once again you've picked one of my favorite colors. Great job!!! Wear that with pride.

  4. That last comment was me-kimberly

  5. Really great! Looks wonderful on you. Forecast is fab! I love mine and wear it a lot. Like you, I do find that the Cascade 220 pills.

  6. Forecast really, really looks awesome. I love the longer ribbing and the color. Sad thing that Cascade pills. You look so cute in the sweater.

  7. Your Forecast looks really cute on you. I love the color and the mods you made.

  8. ms.dok9:46 PM

    It turned out so cute!! I chose red and am really loving this knit!!

  9. It's beautiful! And it fits you perfectly--great job!

  10. Everything about Forecast is perfect - the color, the fit, the workmanship. You did a great job and it looks smashing on you.

  11. Thanks for your tips on Sahara. I think that's what I'll do.

    I enjoyed looking through your finished knits. You do great work! And I love your Forecast. I'm off to take another look at that pattern!

  12. Cute! The fit and color are great on you!


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