Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Happy 2007

Happy new year to all! Hope everyone had a fun time ringing in 2007.

Oscar partied his tail off.

Looking back, 2006 was a great knitting year for me. I had learned how to knit back in 2002, but it wasn't until I discovered all your knitting blogs out there that I really got motivated to take my hobby seriously. Thank you to each of you bloggers out there for being a source of inspiration, approval and help in my knitting journey!

Besides starting this blog in 2006, with the title Fancie Pants inspired by my college roommate who nicknamed me this when I painted clouds on my bedroom ceiling (she now calls me Fance for short), I did manage to knit a good collection of goodies, with some of them never even being photographed, as the blog didn't really get going until summer.

14 hats
1 long sleeve sweater
1 short sleeve sweater
4 sleeveless tops
1 shrug
1 one skein wonder
3 baby sweaters
1 camera case

As you can see, there are zero socks and zero mittens on this list. My knitting resolutions for 2007 include:

1) Give double pointed needles a fair chance. They aren't so bad....right? Maybe I'll make a pair of Fetching and see for sure.

2) Knit something with intarsia

3) Then step it up a notch and knit something in fair isle

4) Instead of being on a yarn diet, allow myself to buy and stash yarn. I am generally a stash-phobic, so this is a good one for me.


With 2007 now underway, I have two new WIPs to share. The first is a v-neck cabled sweater (free pattern from straw) for my mom. It's knit with Valley Yarns Superwash (gotta love WEBS). Trouble is, this is for her birthday, which is, uh, January 17. Yeah. Two weeks away. Will it get finished???

Part of the reason my mom's gift may not get finished is my absolute infatuation with this:

Not sure how it happened, but I managed to perfectly match up some Jaggerspun with some Tilli Tomas color-wise to make Sahara by ordering over the internet. They are pretty much exactly the same. I was hoping for a general color coordination, but this was a Christmas wish come true. Ok, I'm being dramatic, but I'm excited! This pattern is way fun to knit and I am SO excited to see how it looks when the disco lights are added at the edges.

Hope this year is prosperous and happy for all you bloggers knitwise, and in life generally!


  1. Oscar is so darn cute!!! Of course your WIPs look great, but Oscar steals the show!

  2. Happy New Year!

    Okay, a couple of things. First, DPNs are great, but if you are unsure about small projects in the round, you could try two circulars or magic loop. has good video tutorials on both. I found DPNs a little shaky and wobbly for learning on, especially in the first few rows.

    And intarsia is my personal Everest of knitting. Fair Isle - no problem. Duplicate stitch? Bring it. Intarsia? Kicks my butt.

  3. Simply Beautiful Stuff! You should def. give DPN's a whirl...they are not so bad and when you knit in public people look at you like you are some sort of magician!

    and really hand KNIT Socks are GREAT!


  4. kimberly1:42 AM

    Happy new year!! That sweater is going to be so pretty. I like how you substituted stockinette for the pattern on the original. I love the cable down the front and can't wait to see yours finished in two weeks. Better get the coffee brewing. ;)
    Oh and I love knitting with double points, it really is a matter of practice and getting used to them. Give them a chance, you may like them.

  5. That last comment was from me.

  6. What a list - for someone who just started knitting, you've really jumped in! I do encourage you to try dpn's. I love mine and you do get some amazing looks when you knit in public with them. Intarsia? I've never liked it, but Fair Isle - yes, yes, yes! Can't wait to see where you go this year.

  7. Ooh, I can't wait to see your Sahara! I'd suggest magic loop too--I rarely use dpns. :)

  8. next time i'm in the area, i have to meet oscar & toby.


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