Monday, March 26, 2007

Beau & Cables in Chamonix Finished!

Believe it or not, I finished these suckers over a week ago. I've been dying to post them, but getting pictures of me and Bill in our respective sweaters has been a challenge. During the week, daylight is basically gone by 7 pm and the weekends have been crazy (or rainy). Yesterday we finally got some shots, so here they are.

Pattern: Inspired by Beau from Rowan Vintage Style. Ironically, I ended up borrowing the Beau pattern from Magknits and used the shape of a basic crewneck. I used pics of the Rowan Beau online to help me figure out how the striping and box effect worked.

Yarn: Tahki Donegal Tweed in a burnt orange color, a little over 5 skeins. Brown 'leather' buttons from Joann's.

Verdict: Bill really likes it! When I still had 1 sleeve to sew in, he said to me, "Are you going to sew that thing in so I can actually wear it tonight?"
I'm happy with how the pattern came out and glad that I managed to improv it. A successful knock-off!

Here's a close-up of the neckline.


Pattern: Cables in Chamonix from Yarn Girls' Guide to Beyond Basics

Yarn: GGH Savanna in a raspberry color, 8 balls.

Modifications: I decided to do this from the top down instead of in pieces. Since the pattern said to pick up 64 stitches for the neckline, I cast on that many and increased until I had the number of body and sleeve stitches. I ended up frogging several times because it was just too BIG. I added some darts in the back, since I didn't do the cables in the back and added a lot of waist shaping. My gauge was spot on - I knit and blocked a swatch and everything - but I realized that I also only did 3 cables down the front instead of 4 which may explain it.

Verdict: OK. It's a little big around the bust and under the sleeves, but overall it's a cozy winter sweater. I did wear it once to work when it was chilly last week, and I think next winter it will get more wear.

Right now, I have lots of progress on spring projects to show you, but I'll wait a few days. Happy Monday!


  1. I love, love, love both sweaters. You are so talented. I still haven't tried to knit a sweater but it IS on my list to do.

    I just finished a felted bag that I designed. I am finishing the straps then I will post all about it.

    Hey, when is it that you go to Vegas?
    I am sure you will have more fun than I did. Again, I am going to write all about it soon. Right now though, I HAVE to clean my house. It is like a tornado hit it over the weekend! Oh MY...


  2. Okay, those are GORGEOUS. Both very wearable. You did a great job 'knocking them off'.

    So are the front and back on Chamonix supposed to be identical?

    Maybe Chamonix feels "okay", but it looks fantastic. It doesn't look too big at all - although sometimes it's hard to tell from photos.

  3. Those sweaters are both winners! I don't think your cable sweater looks big at all. Quite flattering. You are on a rolL!

  4. Great job on both! I can't believe you did so much of your own interpretation and design on your husband's! And yours for that matter. I'm impressed. I'm a pattern gal myself. Must.have.pattern!

  5. Great sweaters, both of them. So talented to knit up without patterns.

    Color looks great on you, too.

  6. You can't beat a boy sweater that actually gets worn! My husband wants me to knit something for him but he is sooo picky, I'm afraid he would never wear it. Beau, though, turned out so well. I love the collar you made for it.

    The sweater you made for yourself turned out beautifully! I love the color choice. It doesn't look big in the photo, so wear it and enjoy!

  7. Wow, two big sweaters finished! They both look fabulous too. Great job!

  8. Great job on both sweaters! I love the modifications you made to Cables in Chamonix and the pretty color.

  9. Oh I know all about the FO waiting for the perfect picture. Those sweaters are gorgeous!! It was good you waited, they look great! Good job.


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