Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cascade 220: What's the word?

Fellow knitters, I am having a pseudo-knitting-dilemma here. I knit up my Forecast in Cascade 220 Tweed. Beautiful color, great to work with, but PILLS like crazy. The sides and underarms of my sweater are the worst. I've worn Forecast about 5 or 6 times.

Here's my dilemma. Before I finished Forecast, I got some really lovely Cascade 220 Heathers in a blue.

I'm going to use it for the Cabled Cardigan out of Vogue's fall issue. I think. After seeing how much Forecast is pilling, I am seriously questioning if I should Cascade 220 again. HELP ME!! I read so many blogs about how everyone loves this yarn.

Could I have gotten a bad batch?

Could it be the tweed line of this yarn?

Does it generally pill?

Do you have a personal experience you'd like to share with the group?

I would appreciate any input on this serious issue! Really, though, if you have a minute to drop a comment or email, thank you in advance.


  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    No.... I'm sorry. Your forecast is so lovely too. No cascade 220 experience here, though. Hope it's a one time thing.

  2. I made a cardigan for my mom in Cascade 220 about 2 years ago. She wears it constantly, and it hasn't pilled at all. It was the regular Cascade 220, not the tweed though, maybe that made a difference?

  3. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I keep thinking that they've changed the way they process Cascade 220. About 3-4 years ago I knitted a sweater using C 220 and it did not pill. However, this past year, I knitted a Wallaby sweater and it pilled like crazy. I'm not buying Cascade 220 anymore. Also, a friend at work knitted a sweater using C 220 and it pilled after being worn only twice. Definitely not worth the money or my time to knit with it!

  4. I purchased and made a pair of socks out of C220 and it pilled while I was making them. I was totally frustrated only to then accidentally felt them in the washing machine. So, needless to say, my whole experiance with the stuff has not been good.

    I went to a yarn tasting a few days ago for Vickie Howells new yarn. Her LOVE line is just devine...maybe you should check that stuff out instead? I am with Diana, C220 is not worth the money!


  5. My goodness, I work in a yarn shop that sells C220, and I have NEVER heard of this. I have knit with it and love it, but I think all of my projects have been felted. You know, it could be the color, the different dyes react differently to the wool. Well, I will be watching to see what others say, as I am knitting an aran sweater for my hubby in it right now, and I have two more sweater's planned in it, wool all ready purchased.

  6. I knit a variegated sweater and used C220 as the solid color sleeves and this was not Tweed, just the regular C220 and it pills terribly. I have enough C220 to make two sweaters and I'm not too thrilled with the pilling.

  7. Anonymous8:46 AM

    I made a beutiful sweater with C220 in a solid color and I do have pilling in the friction areas. I guess maybe they are looking to make it softer and that diminishes the durability

  8. Thanks for letting me know about this.. I just bought a couple skeins of C220, so I've gotta rethink what I'm going to use it for too.



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