Monday, July 02, 2007

Ms. Marigold Finished

After a bit of frogging and re-knitting, Ms. Marigold is finished.

Yarn: Berocco Touche, color Bubblegum #7932, 6 skeins.

Pattern: Zephyr Girls, found here

Bill finds his inner-photographer.

Modifications: When it was all said and done, I pretty much followed the pattern as written. I added the shaping past the armhole at the sides instead of only in the front, and I also added some waist shaping. I sewed down the ruffles on the sides so they didn't just "sit" there. I did seed stitch borders instead of ribbing.

Verdict: Good! It's a cute little summer top, and I wore it out to dinner on Saturday. It's just a tad snug, but I am expecting cotton to stretch a little, so we'll see. I LOVED working with the Touche. It's a cotton/rayon blend and totally soft and a little shiny. Not splitty, just real nice. Softer than Cotton Fleece. I got some in the dark purple to make Rusted Root next.

I decided to fancy it up a little more by adding beads along the neckline. I tried to string them directly onto the Touche yarn, but that wasn't happening easily. So, I bought matching sewing thread and carried it along with the yarn and pulled up a bead when I needed it. They are a little loose, and carrying thread along with yarn is a pain in the you-know (there was an event involving me, scissors, curse words and a tangled mess), but I think it was worth it.

See the beads?

I'm glad this one's done, but funny thing, it really isn't. I re-knit the bottom hem twice and the neckline twice. Got the ruffles on the first try. But, after wearing it on Saturday, I decided it could be a tad longer, so it's on needles right now awaiting an extra inch or so of seed stitch. Then, I swear, it will be finito!


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