Saturday, July 07, 2007

Something Blushy Finished

Not only another FO this week, but a pink one! Ha ha, I think I've satiated my need for pink knits for now. Here is "Something Blushy":

Pattern: Wendy Knit and Tonic's Something Red

Yarn: Valley Yarns Southwick (cotton/bamboo) in color Blush, 8 balls

I changed the 2x2 ribbing to a cable pattern, inspired by Ivy from the fall '06 Knitty. Because of the cabling and the disaster of my last cabled cardigan, I did 2 more increase rows to create the flare in the body. I also did 2 increases across the sleeve so it flared. For the buttons, I debated between doing buttons all the way down or just one. I had this pair of buttons and decided the two together would give it a unique look.

This sweater was really challenging to photograph. This is a pretty spot-on representation of the color.

Verdict: I went back and forth on my love for this while knitting it. I started thinking it was going to be too girly, especially with the cables. But as I was finishing the button band, I felt like it had a vintage-y look to it, particularly with the buttons. So, in the end I am really happy with it. The Southwick yarn was a little splitty, but this is a lightweight yarn considering its DK gauge. It's really soft and much lighter than other cottons (or cotton blends) I've worked with, like Touche, Elann Sonata, Tahki Cotton Classic, Cotton Fleece, etc. It held its shape through blocking and hasn't stretched out. I'm not familiar with the characteristics of bamboo, so we will see how it holds up, but I think the bamboo is what gives it the lovely drape.

I chose to knit it in this color because I needed a replacement for a longtime loved pink cardi with 3/4 sleeves that I'd had for many years. It was my favorite summer cardi and one day, it met its end when it got washed with a new pair of jeans that bled all over it (and nothing else in the wash!). I think Something Blushy will be a good replacement.


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