Thursday, October 11, 2007


Stitches East is this weekend and I am going to the market on Saturday. I've evaluated my stash and am letting go of some items that I don't see projects for in the near future (and I need to make room for anything new that might be coming home this weekend...).

All of this stuff comes from my non-smoking but dog friendly home. It's been stored in plastic bags on a shelf away from the animals. These are my Ravelry stash photos, so there is only 1 ball pictured. For payment, I have Paypal, but let me know if you're using a credit card and not your Paypal balance. I am figuring that shipping will be in the neighborhood of $5-6, but I'll get you an exact number once I know your zip code. The only exception are the needles, for which shipping is $1. I've tried to price these well, but if you're interested in a yarn, please make an offer! You can either comment or send me an email at fpknits at yahoo dot com. Anything that doesn't go will be later listed on the Destash website.

Debbie Bliss Merino DK: PENDING
color 606, 100% merino wool
Amount: 10 skeins, 1220 yards

Cascade Indulgence
color 522, 70/30 Alpaca/Angora - soft soft soft!!
Amount: 9 skeins, 1107 yards

Rowan Handknit DK
color 310, 100% cotton
Amount: 7 skeins, 622 yards

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece : PENDING
color "Rue", 80/20 Cotton/Merino
Amount: 3 skeins, 645 yards

Filatura 501: PENDING
Content: color 1283, 100% Superwash Merino Wool
Amount: 10 skeins, 1380 yards

Skacel Addi Turbos : ALL NEEDLES PENDING
All needles are in great condition; I just don't use them! I always reach for my bamboos instead.
All Needles:
$8 each + $1 shipping

#6, 16"

#7, 16"

#8, 16"

#5, 40"

Thanks for taking a look!


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