Tuesday, October 02, 2007

FO: Irish Hiking Scarf

Another fall project has made its way off the needles!

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in Cream, 4 1/4 balls. A big shout out to Alex over at Languidly Knitting for selling me the 4th ball!
Modifications: Because I was using a chunkier yarn than called for, I omitted 1 of the cables. I wanted to get more length instead of width with this one, so I could wrap it like I did in the picture.

Verdict: Love! It's a super versatile scarf in terms of style and color. The cable pattern is super easy but gives stellar results. Yay!

I'm about 2 1/2 rounds from finishing the Cable Down Raglan. I think I will sneak out during lunch today and finish it. So stay tuned for an FO report soon!

Now, I need opinions from the only people I trust: my fellow knitters and bloggers. On Saturday I went to Old Navy to check out their new jeans (which were OK). While there, I saw this:

It caught my eye for several reasons. I love the big buttons, and it reminds me of two patterns that I've liked for a while: The Tangled Yoke Cardi (that everyone seems to be knitting on Ravelry) and the Karabella Cabled Cardigan that I thought about knitting last year. So, I bought the sweater thinking I could sketch it out, return it, and then knit it. Here's what it looks like on me:

I'm wearing a really long top underneath, so the sweater might look short - it's not.

The sweater is 70/30 Cotton/Lambswool. No acrylic = bonus. It cost $36.50, which is roughly what yarn to make this would cost (I'm thinking something tweedy). The neckline is really wide, which I kinda like because I don't have anything like it.

So here's the question: Should I just keep this sweater and wear it and love it, or should I try to knit it? Of course if I were reading someone else's blog, I would say knit it, but I have 2 projects underway (Juno and Wicked) that I've been dying to knit, so I wouldn't get to this until around Christmastime. Opinions? Advice? Thanks!


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